Make Bedroom Decor Unique with Beautiful Barnwood Furniture

Let these nighstands beautify your bedroom

The decor in your bedroom should be as unique as you are. When you choose pieces like the Forest Ridge Barn Wood Enclosed Nightstand, you get one-of-a-kind furniture with characteristics that give it a special beauty. Barnwood furniture features colors and patterns that vary across the surface of each board. The wood used in this nightstand is selected by hand to showcase the


Give Your TV a Rustic Twist with Barnwood Furniture

Put Your TV on Entertainment Stands

Modern technology can look out of place when your home is primarily decked out in Western decor, but pieces like the Aspen and Barnwood Entertainment Stand help it to fit right in. Combining sustainably harvested aspen logs with genuine reclaimed barnwood creates a piece with personality and flair that looks great in your rustic living room.


Bold Bedding Sets Spice Up Western Decor

Bedding Sets for the Western Bedroom









The bedroom in your lodge or ranch house is the perfect place to experiment with decor that reflects your personality. Bold styles and rustic color combinations make for a design that really pops. You’ll get all this and more with the Adobe Vista Bedding Set. It has everything you need to dress up wood furniture and give your sleeping space a stylish makeover.


Add Rugs to Western Decor for a Bold Touch

Rugs are perfect for the western hom

A house doesn’t really feel like a home without few accessories to brighten up the interior. Balancing your log furniture with simple accents such as artwork, plants and rugs gives your home a personal touch that makes it more comfortable to be in. The decorative pieces that you choose should enhance your chosen style of furniture, so if you’re into Western themes, the


Barnwood Furniture Outlasts Other Options

Surprisingly Sturdy Chests

There are many cheap chests of drawers out there that keep your clothes organized, but how long do these mass-produced pieces last? Many are made from low-quality materials that look nice but fall apart long before they should. You won’t have this problem with the Bristol Barnwood 4 Drawer Chest. Instead of pressboard and plastic, this rustic furniture is made from

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