Warm Up Winter with Western Decor

Get the Right Colored Bedspreads for the Bedroom

Winter weather makes it hard to stay warm overnight in your cabin or lodge, but at the same time you don’t want to miss out on enjoying the occasional relaxing getaway. The Deer Meadow Bedspread can help you combat the chill with a cozy combination of polyester, acrylic and wool blend fabrics. Its stunning Southwestern design dresses up lodge decor with a rainbow of


Teak Furniture Creates Unique Dining Accents

Wine cabinets for the dining room

As a lover of wine, you know the importance of having a good storage area for your best vintages. A good wine rack is made of a solid materials and allows the bottles to sit at an angle that prevents the cork from drying out while maintaining a steady temperature to preserve the flavor of the beverage. You’ll find all of these desirable characteristics in the GroovyStuff Navasota


Teak Furniture Makes a Bold Statement

Dominant and Strong Looking End Tables

Do you like to use furniture to make a statement in your home? The Teak Small Sierra Side Table from GroovyStuff brings the bold look of teak to your living room in a one-of-a-kind piece that exudes natural beauty. With its unique root base and freeform slab top, this table looks right at home in any rustic decor style.


Make Log Furniture a Fixture of the Home Office

These desks go great with executive chairs

To stay organized and get work done at home, you need a simple, functional desk. It doesn’t have to be fancy or big as long as it’s comfortable and meets your needs. The Cottage Log File Desk is a perfect example. It includes space for your computer and a few drawers with space for files so you have everything you require right in one attractive piece of log furniture.


Simplicity is the Hallmark of Barnwood Furniture

Top Quality Barnwood Furniture

No style can match the distinctive look of barnwood furniture. Though “distressed” wood finishes exist, they’re not the same as wood that has weathered the storms of years before being harvested and fashioned into attractive furniture like the Bristol Barnwood Bed. With its rough-cut boards and wrought iron bolt head accents, this rugged bed is a perfect example of how authentic barnwood differs from attempted

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