Make Teak Furniture a Fixture of Your Patio

Outdoor Love Seats

If you’re looking to add something unusual to your rustic patio setup, the GroovyStuff Teak Wood Rocky Mountain Love Seat is a great way to introduce the special personality of teak furniture. Reclaimed logs and boards create a loveseat with a basic style that highlights the curves, knots, cracks and other features that make teak so interesting.


Use Wall Hooks to Enhance Western Decor

Wall Hooks for the Rustic Home

Just about every room in your home can benefit from a wall hook. In the bathroom, hooks provide extra space for hanging towels and clothing as you go about your morning routine. Hooks in the kitchen can hold dish towels or oven mitts. In the entryway, a set of hooks is the perfect place to hang outerwear for easy access on your way out the door. Lodge decor like the Western Metal Wall Hook Set can serve


Simple Accents Reinforce Western Decor

Oven Mitts for the Western Kitchen

Home design is all about the details. Large wood furniture pieces set the stage for a rustic look, but it’s the accents and accessories you add to the mix that give each room a unique atmosphere. Even functional accessories like a pair of Embroidered Cross Oven Mitts contribute to the way your home looks and feels.


Enjoy the Unique Personality of Handmade Aspen Furniture

Sofa Tables for the Rustic Home

What is it about aspen furniture that commands so much attention? Perhaps it’s the unique appearance of the logs with their inherent knots, insect tracks and twists. It could be the slight differences in color along the length of the wood or the decorative splits that show deeper shades beneath the surface. You’ll find all this and more in the Fireside Aspen Log Sofa Table.


Create Stunning Game Room Style with Barnwood Furniture

Pool Tables will be Hours of Fun for your Guests

Imagine gathering around a rustic pool table with your friends and enjoying each other’s company while winding down after a hard week at work. It doesn’t have to be a dream when you have the Barnwood Cheyenne Pool Table. With its sharp lines, rugged appearance and unique style, this stunning rustic decor brings all the beauty of barnwood to your game room at a fraction of the cost. You get decades of smooth

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