Light Up Western Decor with Unique Lamps

These Table Lamps will Fit Right Into the Scene

The rugged look of lodge decor can transport you to the deep woods, a high mountain or the open prairie. You can enjoy this feeling of freedom and mystique when you choose to decorate your home with unique pieces such as the Rustic Lantern Table Lamp. Fashioned in the style of an antique lantern, this lamp provides subtle illumination without the potential hazard of burning an actual oil-powered light.


Enjoy Rugged Beauty with Barnwood Furniture

Swivel Bar Stools

Barnwood furniture brings a piece of history to your rustic home no matter where you place it. The Reclaimed Barn Wood Swivel Bar Stool looks great in your home bar area, game room or kitchen. Crafted from wood that was part of barns in the 1800s, this rugged stool is available in both 24-inch and 36-inch heights so you can use it at a counter, by the bar or with a bistro table.


Western Decor Makes Any Kid’s Bedroom More Fun

Cowboy Themed Throw Pillows

What kid hasn’t dreamed about being a cowboy or a cowgirl? With the Kids Giddy Up Cowboy Throw Pillow, your little one can settle in for a nap with the classic image of a cowboy on a horse, rounding up cattle on the range with lasso in hand. This cute Western decor is perfect for any bedroom that’s already done up in a cowboy theme.


Wake Up to Western Decor

Bedding Sets for a Western Bedroom

Do you ever picture yourself riding the range, feeling the tug of the wind in your hair as your horse gallops along? The Brown Mustang Bedding Set captures that free feeling in a comfortable, attractive bedding collection that brings the rugged beauty of Western decor to your bedroom. With warm shades of brown and tan, this set speaks to the part of you that wants nothing more than to experience the joy of a day on the open prairie.


Relax in Rugged Comfort with Barnwood Furniture

Make Awesome Matches on Design for these Chairs

Everyone needs a “favorite chair” where they relax after a day of hard work. Barnwood furniture is especially cozy with its old-fashioned weathered look and sturdy construction. You get this and more when you add the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Lounge Chair to you living room. Reclaimed boards and planks of red oak form a rugged frame that brings a dramatic touch to your decor.

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