Western Decor Conjures Images of Frontier Life

Lanterns with a Western Flair

Hitching up the wagons and hitting the “dusty trail” has a romantic aspect to it that still entices people today. The popularity of TV shows and movies that portray a frontier spirit shows that, despite the modern love of technology and perpetual connectivity, there’s still something deep down that longs for the freedom to pack up and head out to parts unknown. Handcrafted rustic decor like the Rustic Wagon


Unique Aspen Furniture Sparks Conversation

Saddle Stands are such head Turners









The expression “saddle up” brings to mind cowboys getting ready for a day of riding the range, surrounded by the open prairie and an endless expanse of sky. Enjoy this sense of freedom in your own home by making the Aspen Log Saddle Stand part of your Western decor. Using unique, hand-selected aspen logs, talented craftsmen piece together this stunning stand that can serve a variety of purposes in your dining


Barnwood Furniture Brings Western Flair to the Kitchen

Two Drawer Buffets

Can a kitchen design reflect the rugged charm of the Old West? It certainly can if you choose rustic furniture pieces such as the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Buffet. Available in both two-door, two-drawer and two-door, three drawer styles, this stunning piece features reclaimed barnwood and many attractive accents to dress up your Western-themed kitchen. The combination of distinctive natural wood style


Western Decor Makes Kids’ Bedrooms Fun

Soft and Fluffy Throw Pillows

Old West themes continue to be popular among kids no matter what the age group. Though new trends come and go, the allure of the open prairie, the rugged freedom of cowboy life and the excitement of riding bucking broncos all inspire kids’ imaginations. That’s why the Kids Bronco Diamond Throw Pillow is the perfect accent to the Western decor in your child’s bedroom. With attractive colors and eye-


Barnwood Furniture Makes a Bold Bedroom Statement

Beds with Different Sizes to Choose From

The classic style of reclaimed barnwood is simple yet elegant and brings subtle beauty to any room in your home. When crafted into large pieces like the Classic Reclaimed Barnwood Bed, this unique wood draws the eye with its deep color and rugged appearance. Attention to detail sets this rustic furniture apart from modern pieces, as each bed is crafted by hand to be an individual work of art.

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